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Timeless colors, literal imagery, and traditional type are all common elements.


Detail, textures, flowing lines, and distinctive typography are all common components.


Fresh colors, stylish artwork, and crisp type are all common characteristics.

Emblem or Enclosure

This includes the company's name or initials, usually as part of a graphical element or shape.

Logo Type

This style features your firm's name in a stylized typeface and/or your company initials in a basic shape.

Web 2.0

Vibrant colors, a faint 3D sense, big typography, color transitions, shadows, gloss, and reflection are all common elements.

Abstract Mark

Abstract shapes and symbols express a specific notion or quality in this format. These logos are incredibly distinctive and easily recognized even when the company name is not included.

Complex Illustration

These have a hand-drawn quality to them and depict a scene or character.

Pictorial Mark

This logo incorporates literal or symbolic graphics to represent your brand.


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Type of Questionnaire

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Answer questions that help us create your amazing Logo.


Let us know what your business is, so we can create a beautiful website


Please let us know about your interests and goals in Social Media Marketing


Please describe your goals about SEO. How do you wish to optimize your Rankings.


Please describe your goals about Mobile App. How do you wish your App to Run.


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Details about your Search Engine Optimization Project

Some SEO clients have a worldwide or regional audience, while others will just have a local audience. It's critical to grasp your market's saturation, who your competitors are, and what location-specific challenges you might face.

Clients frequently have a concept of what they want to rank for, such as "restaurants in Yaletown." or "Icecream in New York." Make a list of your suggestions and Our Team will come up with best strategy.

Knowing where else your customers' target audience spends their time can provide you with ideas for the content they enjoy reading, allowing us to position your website in a similar manner when it comes to internet marketing and content marketing. We can help you set benchmarks in your industry.

You may have spent a significant amount of time developing your brand standards and style guidelines. You'll want us to match this strategy when doing any SEO work to be consistent and respect the job you've done.

What success looks like in this Project should be discussed right from the start. There are numerous KPIs (Key Performing Indicators) that can be measured, but determine which ones are most significant to you. Your  objectives could be to: Increase traffic and lower bounce rates Boost conversions Boost organic sessions Get as explicit as possible to grasp your goals.

It could be months or even years. Determine what you are your expectations looking into it.  Organic results usually take at least 6 months rest all depends on your budget.

Clients can pay as little as $500 for SEO services or as much as $5000. Your budget decides your goals which we will look into and create it into reality.

Most SEO clients prefer monthly Google Analytics updates on what we've done, while others prefer bi-weekly check-ins. 

Traffic Counts. Conversions. Revenue. Rankings. Your  response will decide the success of this engagement. This is one of the most important questions to ask answer and ensures that our team understands what you intend to achieve. Understanding what you want will assist us as a agency to provide best  brand strategy and a successful plan.

It is important to gather information about your main competitors. This enables us to evaluate their websites, including their exposure, links, social presence, page speed, and so on.

Telling us about your top challenges will help us identify previously unknown issues. Assume you're struggling to get five pages of content approved in less than two months. If it is content that will move the needle, you and we must identify bottlenecks and design methods to streamline the process in order to achieve clearance sooner.


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Brand Attributes

How does your brand’s image fall between these opposing characteristics?


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Details about your Mobile App

If you do not have a Functional Spec, would you like to avail services of our Business Analyst?


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Type of Mobile App

The Basic Mobile app offers powerful features like ability to view information, status updates, have a portfolio set and booking appointments.

An e-commerce app lets you provide many value-added services to consumers. Many e-commerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Marketplace is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community. With Marketplace you can easily put things for sale or giveaway.

Apps that allow multi-user support to provide a shared device experience, wherein each device User is intended to be used by a different physical person.

A mobile productivity app is a software program that allows smartphone, tablet and wearable device users to perform essential day-to-day tasks.

A Business Process Application is a tool that allows organizations to manage, automate, and optimize their recurring business processes.

Please list all functionalities you want to function on your Mobile Application.


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